Academic-Community Partnership


The Academic-Community Partnership was established as part of the social responsibility of the University of Haifa towards the communities within the city. It's aim is to develop a partnership between academia and the local community.

The program encourages social solidarity by joining students and faculty's academic knowledge and skills with communities in the city of Haifa, aiming to promote communities that suffer from social exclusion.

The program's goal is to promote social activism and provide accessibility of knowledge in order to change and improve their current situation.

נגן וידאו

Prof. Gustavo Mesch

Rector of the University of Haifa

Israeli society is faced with troubling phenomena of social inequality and exclusion. One wonders about the the role of the academy in promoting an inclusive and solidarity society.


Developing entrepreneurship and social involvement

Providing accessibility to knowledge and practical skills for community activists and underprivileged communities

Encouraging equal opportunities

Integrating university faculty, social organizations and community activists

Promoting social solidarity

Developing applied research to study phenomena of social exclusion

Our projects

Courses combined with social entrepreneurship

Courses taught in a variety of faculties at the University of Haifa that include academic knowledge alongside social activities

Community projects

Liaison with university faculty, students, organizations and local community to promote equal opportunities and reduce social gaps

Academy among community

Particular courses focusing on knowledge-based activities among residents, in accordance with the changing needs of the population 

Research promotion

 Developing an academic, professional and community-led research on poverty and social exclusion, while disseminating knowledge and raising public awareness



Yulia Starosta

Program Manager


Pro. Itai Beeri

Academic Director